i <3 bukkake n_____n (voodooskeleton) wrote,
i <3 bukkake n_____n

So yesterday, shortly after updating my journal, I vomited. I called in sick to work again. It's going to be a tiny paycheck. Then I went to the hospital. I was so dizzy and nauseated all afternoon. We were there for almost 4 hours. I don't know if this is how most hospitals work, but at ours you have the wait in line to check in at triage, then wait in line to register, then you wait in the waiting room, then you get called to the fast track which is another waiting room where you wait to see a doctor. The more serious your emergency, the faster you get to fast track. I was kind of concerned when I got called to fast track in less than an hour. They took a blood and urine sample, and after about 3 hours we were called into a smaller waiting room called "Fast Track Results" where they took my temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. After about half an hour of that, we got called to the "other side", which is intensive care. At this point I was really worried, but it turns out the doctor who had seen me earlier had to switch to that side in the evening. He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics because it turns out I have a kidney infection, then he sent me home. The end.
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