i <3 bukkake n_____n (voodooskeleton) wrote,
i <3 bukkake n_____n

my last christmas ever

so i'm planning on not celebrating christmas again. i'm not religious, i'm without a family, and it's really a big hassle. my last christmas has been really good to me so far though. it's only 5 am and already i've scored a ton of loot from mike. we did stockings for eachother this year:
-revenge of the nerds boxset
-castle in the sky
-kirby return to dream land for wii
-super mario 3d land for 3ds
-uncle john bathroom reader plunges into the universe
-elvis figurine
-tim hortons gift card
-princess peach lip balm
-mario gummies
-after eight chocolates
-werther's caramels
-and, as per tradition, an orange in the toe

last night his mom gave us all pyjamas. the top fits great and i love it, it's long and purple, and it has black birds coming up from the bottom on the side. the bottoms do not fit though. she also got me pink poodle slipper. mike's nieces love them more than i do haha. mike's nieces are adorable. jensen is 2 and she's so excited for christmas. i don't even know if she knows what she's supposed to be excited about. she's just learning to talk. she got her pyjamas and she was so excited about it. and she LOVES christmas oranges. i've never seen a person so excited about christmas oranges. janine is 4, and she's so cute she could get away with anything. mike told her to tell his mom that she looks 60, because she really likes that (she's 51), and she goes up to her and goes 'GRANDMA. YOU LOOK SIXTEEEEEN.' jorja is 6. she doesn't want to be pregnant ever. a girl after my own heart. she really likes me for some reason, i don't quite understand it hahaha. we're gonna go see them later this morning. it will be a busy day.

i guess i should update you all on my current situation. i managed to apply for a student loan, and they see no reason i shouldn't be accepted. i moved into the dorms, i just had to put 200 down, they said i can pay the rest when i get my loan, and they gave me december for free. i have a babysitting job on new years eve, so the money i get from that should tide me over for grocery money until i get my loan, which should be mid january. when i got into my dorm, it was a disaster. it reeked of alcohol, there was a huuuuge hole in the wall, bb pellets all over the place, in every room, and evidence that they were shot from a gun, cigarette butts in the living room, dried up alcohol everywhere, garbage bags full of garbage and bottles in the living room, the shower and sink were completely plugged, etc etc. it was like a tornado hit. so i took pictures, cleaned up the place, and filled out a condition report for the rental office so i don't get charged for the damages. hopefully they're at least a little bit decent. i hope.
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