i <3 bukkake n_____n (voodooskeleton) wrote,
i <3 bukkake n_____n

i tried to explain to my parents that this isn't about where mike sleeps on christmas eve, this is about me having enough of my dads unwarranted power trip. i told my mom that he's emotionally abusive to all of us and i'm not going to take it anymore. she says 'i know. it's just who he is, but he's your father so there's nothing we can do.' i told her there's lots we can do. she said i need to respect him. i told her i don't respect people who don't deserve respect. she said if i can't respect him then i have until the end of the month to find somewhere else to live. i have no money. i have no job. i can't have a job if i want to stay in school. there's no room for me at mike or egan's and i have nobody else. i don't know what i'm going to do.
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