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my dad says that i am bullying him and holding him hostage with these options. he says that his rule is good because he was raised with that rule and he turned out okay. i said that doesn't make it a good rule. he asked me why i didn't think it was good, and i said 'because it doesn't make any sense and it doesn't hurt anyone when i break it'. he said that i should look at it through the eyes of someone with christian morals. i said that he doesn't have any morals, and that the bible doesn't say anywhere 'do not let your daughters sleep in the same bed as their boyfriends'. he said i was right, but that the bible and 'the book of atheism' says to respect your parents. i said that the bible may, but my morals come from doing what is right and what makes sense, not from a book. i told him respect is earned not taken. he thinks he should automatically get my respect because he raised me for 22 years. i told him he did a bad job of raising us. i said he was a bad dad. he said that i follow the laws of the government, so i should follow his rules too. i told him that martin luther king jr once said that if you break a law because you think it is wrong, you are showing the highest respect for the law. he said "martin luther king jr was just some black guy who got quoted a lot. what did he do that was so important?" i told him this is why he doesn't deserve my respect. he wants mike to come over and discuss this with my parents. i'm pretty firm on my stance though. i don't know if mike would care so much.

i posted what my dad said about mlk to facebook, with a video explaining what he did, and my dad said "Oh yah! I remember him! He was that Baptist minister that founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference"
so i said "Yes, and he did a lot of good things despite that. He did what he did because he knew what was right. His morals were based on what made sense and what was right, not based on a book or a fear of god or because of what his parents taught him. I have never met him and he has earned my respect because of the change he influenced. He believed in change, not perpetuating the way things have always been."
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