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fucking parents

the initial plan for christmas eve was that mike was supposed to stay here so that he wouldn't have to get up as early in the morning and get dressed to be here to open presents. i already talked to my mom about this and she was okay with the plan.
she told my dad and he said the only way mike can stay here is if he stays downstairs and not in my bed. i asked him why, and he said that we aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed in this house. i said that's stupid and doesn't make sense because i stay in mike's bed every weekend and we were allowed to stay in a tent together when we all went camping. dad said those aren't in his house, so they were ok. i asked him what the difference is and he said that we aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed in his house until we are married or living together because he has "beliefs and morals". i asked him why sleeping in the same bed together is immoral, and he said he never said that, but he implied it when he said the reason we couldn't was because of morals.
i asked him what mom thought of his stupid rules and she said she's "staying out of it". i reminded her that it's her house too. i hate that she can't stand up to this asshole.
he knows he's losing power over me so he's trying to find every opportunity he has to try to take it back. he needs to learn that my respect is EARNED not taken. it's all animal psychology. it's just an opportunity for him to play rooster, climb on something and crow to show everyone he's king of the roost. he wants to clash antlers. he's an elephant seal and i'm gonna make him back up. it's like the emperor's new clothes. my mom and sister are going 'look at his glorious robe, we should fear and respect him', and i'm going 'he's fucking naked. he's a fool. he's no better than us. he has no power.'
i ended up going up to bed before i had an idea, which i sent him in a facebook message:
"Here is my proposal:
You have two options. Since Mike was going to stay here as a matter of convenience, there's still that option of him staying here in my bed. If you're not okay with that, we'll do the second most convenient thing and stay at Mike's house or his parents house and do Christmas with his family first. Keep in mind they have brunch and then lunch on his dad's side, so we wouldn't be done until the afternoon. It's up to you."

i'm interested to see what he thinks about that.
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