i <3 bukkake n_____n (voodooskeleton) wrote,
i <3 bukkake n_____n

i should update you guys on whats going on. i'll put it in point form because if i went into detail it would be wayyyyy tl;dr. feel free to ask questions though.
in order of most to least recent

-just found out my (now former) best friend of ten years is a white supremecist and claims to be a national socialist. she was kind of an idiot. i grilled her pretty hard for a few hours, got no good reason why she should holds those views, told her she has a habit of dating dangerous idiots, and to contact me either when she leaves her boyfriend or stops spouting ignorant uneducated bullshit. if she's still alive after.
-someone posted a hateful thread about me on the facebook group for my town, and there were a lot of comments against me. it kind of hurt, but what can you do. lol internet
-we got a five guys here. fucking yum. and yes that is worth posting about. i've never had it before.
-i'm getting into the poly lifestyle. so i kind of have two boyfriends now, but we don't really like using the terms 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' because it implies too much ownership. i use it sometimes to distinguish to outside people that these are more than just ordinary friends. its going pretty well. its pretty awesome.
-still haven't heard about any referral to a rheumatologist. second time i've asked my doctor. having a disease you can't see fucking suuuuuuucks.
-i'm in college, working towards becoming a science teacher. doing pretty well in class, hating most of the students in the school though. its like middle school all over again.

uh i think thats it for now.
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