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That awkward moment when you are the one who has to tell a science instructor that they are wrong.

My physics/chemistry instructor doesn't believe in evolution (a fact she brought up for no reason other than to seem smarter than us), and another student asked why. She said because the chances of the 4 nucleotides that make up dna (ACTG) meeting to create life were too small (biochemistry isn't about chance), that if it happened by chance that she sees no reason why we shouldn't be silicon based since there's sand everywhere and it's in the same group as carbon and has four valence bonds like carbon (seriously, a CHEMISTRY instructor should know the reason why, that being that silicon does not support the ability readily to re-combine in different permutations in a manner that would plausibly support lifelike processes), and that there hasn't been species observed evolving into other species (there has, and this isn't the only thing that supports evolution). I told her that fossil records show evolution in action, and she said 'I don't believe that it does'. I told her science doesn't care about what people believe. Seriously I was like this all class:

I explained to another student who said she doesn't believe in evolution how we can know something as a fact, and she said "Well I believe anything is possible." Anything except evolution, apparently.
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So yesterday, shortly after updating my journal, I vomited. I called in sick to work again. It's going to be a tiny paycheck. Then I went to the hospital. I was so dizzy and nauseated all afternoon. We were there for almost 4 hours. I don't know if this is how most hospitals work, but at ours you have the wait in line to check in at triage, then wait in line to register, then you wait in the waiting room, then you get called to the fast track which is another waiting room where you wait to see a doctor. The more serious your emergency, the faster you get to fast track. I was kind of concerned when I got called to fast track in less than an hour. They took a blood and urine sample, and after about 3 hours we were called into a smaller waiting room called "Fast Track Results" where they took my temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. After about half an hour of that, we got called to the "other side", which is intensive care. At this point I was really worried, but it turns out the doctor who had seen me earlier had to switch to that side in the evening. He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics because it turns out I have a kidney infection, then he sent me home. The end.
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my last christmas ever

so i'm planning on not celebrating christmas again. i'm not religious, i'm without a family, and it's really a big hassle. my last christmas has been really good to me so far though. it's only 5 am and already i've scored a ton of loot from mike. we did stockings for eachother this year:
-revenge of the nerds boxset
-castle in the sky
-kirby return to dream land for wii
-super mario 3d land for 3ds
-uncle john bathroom reader plunges into the universe
-elvis figurine
-tim hortons gift card
-princess peach lip balm
-mario gummies
-after eight chocolates
-werther's caramels
-and, as per tradition, an orange in the toe

last night his mom gave us all pyjamas. the top fits great and i love it, it's long and purple, and it has black birds coming up from the bottom on the side. the bottoms do not fit though. she also got me pink poodle slipper. mike's nieces love them more than i do haha. mike's nieces are adorable. jensen is 2 and she's so excited for christmas. i don't even know if she knows what she's supposed to be excited about. she's just learning to talk. she got her pyjamas and she was so excited about it. and she LOVES christmas oranges. i've never seen a person so excited about christmas oranges. janine is 4, and she's so cute she could get away with anything. mike told her to tell his mom that she looks 60, because she really likes that (she's 51), and she goes up to her and goes 'GRANDMA. YOU LOOK SIXTEEEEEN.' jorja is 6. she doesn't want to be pregnant ever. a girl after my own heart. she really likes me for some reason, i don't quite understand it hahaha. we're gonna go see them later this morning. it will be a busy day.

i guess i should update you all on my current situation. i managed to apply for a student loan, and they see no reason i shouldn't be accepted. i moved into the dorms, i just had to put 200 down, they said i can pay the rest when i get my loan, and they gave me december for free. i have a babysitting job on new years eve, so the money i get from that should tide me over for grocery money until i get my loan, which should be mid january. when i got into my dorm, it was a disaster. it reeked of alcohol, there was a huuuuge hole in the wall, bb pellets all over the place, in every room, and evidence that they were shot from a gun, cigarette butts in the living room, dried up alcohol everywhere, garbage bags full of garbage and bottles in the living room, the shower and sink were completely plugged, etc etc. it was like a tornado hit. so i took pictures, cleaned up the place, and filled out a condition report for the rental office so i don't get charged for the damages. hopefully they're at least a little bit decent. i hope.
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i tried to explain to my parents that this isn't about where mike sleeps on christmas eve, this is about me having enough of my dads unwarranted power trip. i told my mom that he's emotionally abusive to all of us and i'm not going to take it anymore. she says 'i know. it's just who he is, but he's your father so there's nothing we can do.' i told her there's lots we can do. she said i need to respect him. i told her i don't respect people who don't deserve respect. she said if i can't respect him then i have until the end of the month to find somewhere else to live. i have no money. i have no job. i can't have a job if i want to stay in school. there's no room for me at mike or egan's and i have nobody else. i don't know what i'm going to do.
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my dad says that i am bullying him and holding him hostage with these options. he says that his rule is good because he was raised with that rule and he turned out okay. i said that doesn't make it a good rule. he asked me why i didn't think it was good, and i said 'because it doesn't make any sense and it doesn't hurt anyone when i break it'. he said that i should look at it through the eyes of someone with christian morals. i said that he doesn't have any morals, and that the bible doesn't say anywhere 'do not let your daughters sleep in the same bed as their boyfriends'. he said i was right, but that the bible and 'the book of atheism' says to respect your parents. i said that the bible may, but my morals come from doing what is right and what makes sense, not from a book. i told him respect is earned not taken. he thinks he should automatically get my respect because he raised me for 22 years. i told him he did a bad job of raising us. i said he was a bad dad. he said that i follow the laws of the government, so i should follow his rules too. i told him that martin luther king jr once said that if you break a law because you think it is wrong, you are showing the highest respect for the law. he said "martin luther king jr was just some black guy who got quoted a lot. what did he do that was so important?" i told him this is why he doesn't deserve my respect. he wants mike to come over and discuss this with my parents. i'm pretty firm on my stance though. i don't know if mike would care so much.

i posted what my dad said about mlk to facebook, with a video explaining what he did, and my dad said "Oh yah! I remember him! He was that Baptist minister that founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference"
so i said "Yes, and he did a lot of good things despite that. He did what he did because he knew what was right. His morals were based on what made sense and what was right, not based on a book or a fear of god or because of what his parents taught him. I have never met him and he has earned my respect because of the change he influenced. He believed in change, not perpetuating the way things have always been."
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fucking parents

the initial plan for christmas eve was that mike was supposed to stay here so that he wouldn't have to get up as early in the morning and get dressed to be here to open presents. i already talked to my mom about this and she was okay with the plan.
she told my dad and he said the only way mike can stay here is if he stays downstairs and not in my bed. i asked him why, and he said that we aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed in this house. i said that's stupid and doesn't make sense because i stay in mike's bed every weekend and we were allowed to stay in a tent together when we all went camping. dad said those aren't in his house, so they were ok. i asked him what the difference is and he said that we aren't allowed to sleep in the same bed in his house until we are married or living together because he has "beliefs and morals". i asked him why sleeping in the same bed together is immoral, and he said he never said that, but he implied it when he said the reason we couldn't was because of morals.
i asked him what mom thought of his stupid rules and she said she's "staying out of it". i reminded her that it's her house too. i hate that she can't stand up to this asshole.
he knows he's losing power over me so he's trying to find every opportunity he has to try to take it back. he needs to learn that my respect is EARNED not taken. it's all animal psychology. it's just an opportunity for him to play rooster, climb on something and crow to show everyone he's king of the roost. he wants to clash antlers. he's an elephant seal and i'm gonna make him back up. it's like the emperor's new clothes. my mom and sister are going 'look at his glorious robe, we should fear and respect him', and i'm going 'he's fucking naked. he's a fool. he's no better than us. he has no power.'
i ended up going up to bed before i had an idea, which i sent him in a facebook message:
"Here is my proposal:
You have two options. Since Mike was going to stay here as a matter of convenience, there's still that option of him staying here in my bed. If you're not okay with that, we'll do the second most convenient thing and stay at Mike's house or his parents house and do Christmas with his family first. Keep in mind they have brunch and then lunch on his dad's side, so we wouldn't be done until the afternoon. It's up to you."

i'm interested to see what he thinks about that.
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i should update you guys on whats going on. i'll put it in point form because if i went into detail it would be wayyyyy tl;dr. feel free to ask questions though.
in order of most to least recent

-just found out my (now former) best friend of ten years is a white supremecist and claims to be a national socialist. she was kind of an idiot. i grilled her pretty hard for a few hours, got no good reason why she should holds those views, told her she has a habit of dating dangerous idiots, and to contact me either when she leaves her boyfriend or stops spouting ignorant uneducated bullshit. if she's still alive after.
-someone posted a hateful thread about me on the facebook group for my town, and there were a lot of comments against me. it kind of hurt, but what can you do. lol internet
-we got a five guys here. fucking yum. and yes that is worth posting about. i've never had it before.
-i'm getting into the poly lifestyle. so i kind of have two boyfriends now, but we don't really like using the terms 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' because it implies too much ownership. i use it sometimes to distinguish to outside people that these are more than just ordinary friends. its going pretty well. its pretty awesome.
-still haven't heard about any referral to a rheumatologist. second time i've asked my doctor. having a disease you can't see fucking suuuuuuucks.
-i'm in college, working towards becoming a science teacher. doing pretty well in class, hating most of the students in the school though. its like middle school all over again.

uh i think thats it for now.
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happy birthday to me :3

parents got me a 3ds and my sister got me portal2 for xbox.
mike got me super mario allstars for wii factory sealed. NEVER OPENING IT D:

my parents are out celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday, so we're doing celebrations tomorrow.
i will post the awesome cake my mom makes (as i do every year) when she ices it tomorrow.

now i just need to figure out what to do for dinrar.